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The key components of the NAMMU OBS are:

Up to 50 units can be transported in one 20-foot shipping container. Easy and intuitive programming is offered over a web interface via Wi-Fi – accessible from your laptop or smartphone. No special software is required. Usually a free-falling system, it can also be deployed by ROV.

Deployments of up to three years are possible due to low power consumption with reliable storage of vital instrument data and metadata. Good coupling is facilitated through a compact instrument design and an aquadynamic shape enables industry-leading low levels of external noise.

Extremely reliable acoustic release is key for retrieval. Other features include quick location of the instrument with radio beacon and flasher, as well as fast data download via external memory StiK. Easy, fast data conversion to mSEED is possible via our portable open-source software.


Features / Benefits:​

  • Frame
    Made from corrosion-resistant titanium and durable syntactic foam, the frame offers buoyancy in a shock-resistant
    and robust package that can easily endure the forces of the sea. The unit’s small size makes it possible to deploy more systems than ever before.
  • Sensors
    There is a seismometer for every use case ranging from broadband seismometers to high-frequency geophones. A hydrophone complements the seismic data for extended precision.
  • Datalogger 6D6
    The Datalogger 6D6 is a flexible data acquisition system with the lowest power consumption on the market and
    outstanding data quality. It features an easy programming interface accessible via Wi-Fi and large storage capacities to enable extended deployment of up to three years.
  • Acoustic Releaser
    The releaser brings the instrument back to the surface in perfect condition. It is the world’s smallest, most lightweight titanium release unit – fully reliable in even the most challenging circumstances.
Weight with 80 Li-Cells  In air (In salt water) 
Weight without anchor Weight with anchor  156 kg (-13 kg) 205 kg (30 kg) 
Weight of pressure tube Weight of Releaser KUMQuat  45 kg (33,6 kg) 11 kg (6,4 kg) 
Maximum operation depth  6000 m 
Maximum operation time  13,7 months (80 LiThCl D-cells) 36 months with optional battery backpack unit 
Size without flag w × h × d  635 mm × 770 mm × 800 mm 
Anchor size  800 mm × 600 mm 
Seismic Sensors  120 sec broadband seismometer or 4.5 Hz Geophones 
Pressure Sensor  100 sec Hydrophon HTI-04-PCA ULF or Differential Pressure Gauge (DPG) or Absolute Pressure Gauge (APG) 
Data Logger  KUMO 6D6: 4 channels at 32bit at 142db 
Releaser  KUMQuat 562 



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